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Complex organizations today need relentless support of technology and automation in the day to day activities.

ViaEdge is the one stop shop for all your automation and inventory management needs. With Ansible, we design customized softwares, configure systems and deploy softwares, and orchestrate more advanced IT tasks such as continuous deployments or zero downtime rolling updates etc.,


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    Why ViaEdge

    One of the main principles of microservices is to be independently deployable. As a consequence, Microservices development and operation tend to be much more complex than a Monolith because of their distributed nature — if your IT team has not moved out yet from its silos and has adopted DevOps practices, the operations team will not really understand why they have to deploy hundreds of independent software pieces in opposite to the “good old monolith”.

    “You need a mature operations team to manage lots of services, which are being redeployed regularly”  (Microservices trade-offs by Martin Fowler).

    The operations team and the software development team should work together adopting DevOps practices to avoid silos and deployment process where the software team throws the software over the wall.

    At ViaEdge we have been working in various implementation projects with our top clients and we work to offer you the best solutions making your work easy.

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